Love handles are a common problem. Answering your question on what is a love handle- it is basically the excess fat that accumulates along the hip region, causing a bulge. You would find it bulging out, especially when you choose the wrong type of outfit. Getting rid of it through exercise is one of the best ways but, till the time they exist, it is a good idea to hide them with proper outfits.


Here, we will take you through the different ways in which you can hide your love handles. You will need to avoid the wrong outfits, which will eventually take the attention from the problem areas.

The Right Outfits

It is important to choose the right outfits that will help you hide the love handles with perfection, thus avoiding attention.

Clothes to Avoid

There are certain clothes you should necessarily avoid. Here we will give you a list of those clothes

With these tactics, you can easily hide the love handles, and make your outfits breathe.