Love handles are a common problem. Answering your question on what is a love handle- it is basically the excess fat that accumulates along the hip region, causing a bulge. You would find it bulging out, especially when you choose the wrong type of outfit. Getting rid of it through exercise is one of the best ways but, till the time they exist, it is a good idea to hide them with proper outfits.


Here, we will take you through the different ways in which you can hide your love handles. You will need to avoid the wrong outfits, which will eventually take the attention from the problem areas.

The Right Outfits

It is important to choose the right outfits that will help you hide the love handles with perfection, thus avoiding attention.

  • High waist bottoms: If you tend to wear normal bottoms, chances are it tends to divide between the waist and the hips, making the bulge visible. This is why it is a good idea to wear high waist bottoms. They will sit just above the belly button, thus making sure all the weight is taken up on one side. With thicker waist bands, these bottoms will ensure that the bulge doesn’t look awkward 
  • A-line tops: Go for flare A-line tops which are known for their bottom flare. This will effectively hide the bulge along the waist. Dresses and skirts with the cut will make the love handles less visible, which is what you want to achieve 
  • Colours that hide the bulge: There are certain colours that effectively hide the bulge that comes out from the waistline. Make sure you wear such colours, as they can effectively hide the love handles. A large tummy looks small and neat if you cover it with black. 
  • Different shirt styles: You can buy different shirts that will make your look slim and nice. Kaftans can hide the weight in your body easily. Try investing in clothing that tends to hide the bulge 
  • Foundation garments: body control dresses or, full bodysuits help in hiding the weight along the waist. You can invest in them, and wear your shift dresses or other tight fitting dresses over such body suits. This will help make them look better and elegant

Clothes to Avoid

There are certain clothes you should necessarily avoid. Here we will give you a list of those clothes

  • Body fitting clothes: This is the first thing you should avoid if you want to hide the love handles. Clingy tops or shift dresses that feel too tight along the waist should be a big no for you. Satin and full polyester should also be avoided 
  • No straight cuts: Pants, tops, dresses and skirts that come with a straight cut should be clearly avoided. This will automatically draw attention to your waist line, and make the bulge more visible 
  • Avoid belts: Dresses with belts can make the waist line more visible. Say no to such dresses or skirts or tops. Loose fitting clothes with belts are fine

With these tactics, you can easily hide the love handles, and make your outfits breathe.