Body shapers are indeed the fashion world’s gift to women. It is one of the best ways to tone your body and make it look trim and nice. This helps you wear clothes, without making the bulges along the body too visible. Shapewear has become a necessity suddenly for many women, who love wearing straight-fit clothes.

Shapewear comes in many styles and fabrics, and it has suddenly become very important to choose the right fit for your body. So, what shapewear should you choose? Here is a guide that might help you choose the right women’s shapewear fitting your needs perfectly.

What’s your size?

When it comes to buying shapewear, it is always important to buy your size. There are times when you want to tone down your size for firm fitness but, that should not be the case. The bulge becomes more visible in this case. With a tight fitting shapewear, you would also add discomfort. If you wear tight clothes on top of the tight shapewear, you will face difficulty breathing in the dress. It is always a good idea to buy shapewear that matches your size perfectly. It gives the dress some breathing space and makes you comfortable.

Medium/strong constriction

What constriction should you ideally choose when buying the shapewear? You will be assisted at the shops but, then you really need to identify the constriction that you need. If you want total figure transformation, you should probably go for strong constriction. Let’s say this is not mentioned, how would you choose your shapewear? The nylon content will decide how far the shape of your garment will be altered with the shapewear. Lightweight shapewear tends to smooth the spots along the garment while heavier ones suck the bulges in the body.

Buy high waist shapewear

Always good to invest in high waist shapewear that will smooth the lines along the waist! If you are wearing shorts or skirts that need to be smoothened along the torso, then you should wear high waist shapewear. Make sure you invest in shapewear from a good brand that will help tuck the waist bulge perfectly.

Tights with shapewear

Buy a shapewear that comes with in-built tights that will smooth the layers along the thighs, and give you the perfect fitting. If you wear tights over the shapewear, it might shift to a side and would be another extra layer of clothing on your body. The better way is to buy shapewear with tights, which will shape your tummy and the thighs, making your dress appear sleek.

Shape your butt

You can invest in shapewear that will happily shape your butt, and make it appear smooth with the clothes on. They tend to lift your bra and separates the butt cheeks while smoothing your love handles and giving you a flat stomach.

There’s the bodysuit that will shape your entire line from the torso to the thighs, making you appear slim and tucked in. You should always check for your size in this case. Hope this guide helped you. Next time, you visit the shapewear store, make sure you know what you need, and pick the right one.