Today's Women is not shying away from buying herself the best lingerie that suits her need. And are ready to explore the market and trends before buying. The post pregnancy lingerie collection must have a body shape wear.

You are the new mom, and your little bundle of joy has arrived. There is a lot of things happening around, and celebrations are on. As soon as things start to settle down, the next big worry is how to get back in your previous shape. Pregnancy changes a woman's body in big ways. The shape wear helps the abdomen to shrink and provides the required support.

1. Comfort

The comfort level is one of the most important things to keep in mind before buying. Your body has gone through a lot whether it was a normal or a C-section delivery. Choose the type and material you feel most comfortable. Purchase the one which provides maximum back and abdominal support. You can choose the shape wear with bust support so that there is no hassle of wearing a bra. The Comfort might depend on the style:

  • Zipper- The shape wear has a zipper for closing.
  • Pull up – Needs to be pulled to wear.
  • Wrap up- Can just wrap around the belly

2. Material

The shape wear is available in different materials. The material can be cotton, nylon or latex. The shape wear should be easy on your skin and breathable. Avoid the material which may have a chance of irritation on your skin.

3. Coverage

The area of the body you want to cover will be one of the deciding factors before buying a shape wear. Here are the types of shape wear available based on the coverage they provide-

  • Belly- Focuses on the tummy.
  • Corset- Covers the upper half.
  • Body Suit-It gives extensive coverage, supporting thigh hip and belly.
  • C section Recovery- With more support for the surgery.

4. Amount of Control

The amount of compression you need. It ranges from low to high control. The amount of support you are looking for is the guiding factor here.

5. Quality and Effectiveness

Don't compromise on the quality it might be harmful. Invest in the quality product. There is shape wear available with medical certification you can go for that too. Do research on the effectiveness of the shape wear you are planning to buy. There are a number of blogs on the internet that can guide you to take your decision.

It is advisable to start wearing your shape wear as soon as you can after the delivery. You can wear it for four to six weeks. There is no best product for all. The best product for each one can be different than the other. Understand your own needs and concern areas and then choose the shape wear best suitable for you. Lastly be a little easy on yourself to get rid of the postpartum belly and fit into your old jeans.