Each one of us wants a perfect body to wear the perfect dress. Buying the perfect dress can be easy but having the perfect body for it is tricky at times. The body shaper comes in, to the rescue of all the women. Being confident is the key to look beautiful. The body shaper boosts up your confidence for the dress you want to wear.

The body shaper can be categorised on the factors like the amount of control, the area of the body need to cover, the dress you are wearing, and the body type one has. The market provides a variety of body shapers that you can choose from depending on your need.

Depending upon the dress you are wearing today, you can choose your body shaper-

1. Saree

Saree can make any women look beautiful. The Saree Shape wear gives you the comfort and tones your body for the perfect saree look. This shape wear is comfortable and you can wear it, be all day long. The saree shape wear is a long skirt that shapes your thigh and stomach.

2. Formals

You need your formal wear as comfortable as it can get. Choose a thigh slimmer for the trouser you are wearing. The thigh shaper flattens your tummy, hip and thigh and gives you a comfortable and seamless fit for your work wear.

3. Kurta

The all-time favourite Indian wear is kurta, for its comfort and versatility. The control camisole makes it more comfortable. It shapes up the upper half of the body. The shape wear gives you a better waist line and flattens your tummy to give you a perfect fit.

4. Body hugging Dress

You might want some help with the Saturday evening dress you will be wearing. Choose a thin Control body suit or a full body shaper under the body hugging dress. Hour glass shape wear is one of the options for the tight fitting dress.

5. T shirt

The easy and comfortable t shirts are the indispensable part of any woman's wardrobe. You can hide those love handles by using shaping vest. The Shaping vest gives you a flat tummy and defines your waist for the fitted t shirt or top you are want to wear.

6. Jump- Suit

The all in one body suit is the right choice for the jump suit.

7. Skirt

You want the fit to be seamless for the skirt. If you are going to wear a pencil skirt, the thigh slimmer will give you a perfect look.

8. Skinny Jeans

For the skinny jeans in fashion, you can wear high waist shorts. It will give a seamless look by shaping your thigh and hips.

9. Strapless Dress

Instead of wearing a strapless bra, you would be more comfortable wearing a convertible shaper that will give you a smooth look for your strapless dress.

10. Backless Dress

You can flaunt your back comfortably with the help of right shape wear. Control plunge body suits are available for the backless dresses.

The lingerie company has a huge segment of body shapers. According to the dress, you are wearing choose the shape wear. The shape wear will enhance the look of the dress and as well as make it more comfortable.

Beautiful Inside, Beautiful outside.