Shapewear, today, has become an essential in every woman’s wardrobe. It is necessary if you want to pull off that pretty party frock of yours or that wonderful evening gown you bought for your dinner date.

However, many women end up committing so many mistakes when it comes to shapewear selection and buying, which leads them to believe that shapewear is uncomfortable, suffocating and a difficult inner wear to put on and handle. Well, that isn’t true at all!

There are several things we must take care of before we plunge into shapewear shopping. If certain things are done right, you won’t encounter any of the common problems which usually surface when one has to pull off a shape wear.

Here are a few common mistakes we make, and if we consciously avoid these, a shapewear will be your best friend!

1. The right fit- It is very important to choose the right size while buying a shapewear for yourself. A shapewear too tight might make you feel uncomfortable and cause unnecessary bulges while a shapewear too loose will have a shabby fit. The right size, that is, the usual size of your clothes will hug your figure at snugly and there you go, looking stunning in all your dresses and feeling comfortable too!

2. The best buy- Online shopping has taken the country by storm, and almost every product can be bought by placing an order online. However, something like a shapewear is best when bought at a physical store- it helps you try it on, ensures the right fit, feel if the material is comfortable and see if you can actually wear it with the kind of dresses you want to wear it with. You might even carry the dress you want to wear the shapewear with to the store and check the fitting and see if the shapewear is visible or uncomfortable.

3.  Shaping needs- There are different types of shape wear based on the different needs women have and also in accordance with different dress designs and outfits. There are three levels of elasticity- Smooth, Shape and sculpt in increasing order of compression. You must choose your shapewear keeping in mind your needs and the outfit you have to pull off.

4. Material matters- The most comfortable material is nylon lycra. Spandex and nylon are fairly comfortable too, especially in colder climates. However, such materials can make you prone to sweating during summers, so choose cotton options on hot, humid days.

5. Color co-ordination- Choose the best color depending on what you are going to wear. If you are to wear a light colored dress, choose a light colored shape wear and the same applies for dark colored clothes too, so that the shapewear doesn’t show up or is least visible.

6. Take care- Yes, your shape wear is made up of delicate fabric and must be cleaned (preferably hand washed) after every use. Do not wring them to dry or they might lose their shape. Just lay them flat to dry.

Follow these simple steps to not only choose and wear the correct shape wear but also take good care of it!