Hygiene Panty

Hygiene Panty: A Wardrobe Must-Have

Hygiene panty – the name itself draws one’s attention to their own hygiene.  In this competitive world, manufacturers run for money forgetting about the quality of the material.  But there are others like Shappon that really focuses on their customer’s hygiene and struggle hard to make their customer feel as comfortable as possible. Coming back to hygiene panties, we should always give special attention to cleanliness especially when it comes to intimate areas.  

What does “hygiene panty” refer to?

With thousands of varieties creeping in the market, creating many choices for the customers, it becomes mandatory for us to really discern that what is right for us and what is not. And to determine that “right”, you first need to know the correct definition of a hygiene panty. A hygiene panty is one that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, has anti- order and anti-moisture management properties and is made from cotton apart from being smooth and lightweight.

Why not anything else?

  • Panties are the first layer of your clothing that sits right on your skin, and hence they should be very carefully selected. Fabrics like polyester and nylon lack the potential to absorb moisture thereby giving entrance to foreign particles to enter your vagina.  Whereas, hygiene panties soak the moisture and give a clean and dry feel for the whole day.
  • Some panties are layered with laces to look stylish, but these aggravate itching and rashes and makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Prevent using thongs are they can cause some health issues because of the shape that they are made in which lets the dirt and bacteria enter your skin with ease.
  • French- cut is another thing to avoid as the style of cut can make you feel uncomfortable and could be tight.

Your wardrobe might be full of stylish dresses, and other trending clothes but everything is in vain if you don’t have the right kind of innerwear. Hence, hygiene panties prove to be very useful, and if your inner wear is correct, your outer attitude and look would automatically be flattering.