leak proof panty

Have a comfortable period with leak proof panty

Leak proof panty aims to give you a happy and comfortable period. How many times has it happened that you are in a public place and your pad leaks, staining your dress? This leads to awkwardness and discomfort. Otherwise too, pads are a headache. They move out of place and again, stain your beautiful dress. Pads are also inconvenient to carry the entire day and cause rashes and itching. Leak proof panties come to your rescue in such a scenario so that you don’t have to face the pad related problems anymore!

Benefits of leak proof panty

Pads are difficult to dispose and form a huge amount of inorganic waste. Leak proof panty is an eco-friendly product besides keeping you away from leaks and unwanted stains. They do not have problems of disposal, unlike pads. There are a large number of manufacturers of leak proof panty. Shappon is one such company, dealing in manufacture and supply of women’s hygiene apparel, undergarments and shape wear. There are various benefits of this comfortable product. We have listed a few of them below:

  • They are organic and do not have problems of disposal
  • They can be cleaned easily and reused several times
  • They are not very expensive and do not require much investment
  • They do not cause problems like itching and rashes
  • They do not have problems of overflowing and last longer than pads, tampons and menstrual cups
  • They give you the confidence during periods, to go out and follow your routine

It is time to switch your basics and adopt this convenient, easy to use and friendly product. Most importantly, during your periods, you will not have to wear anything extra, and you will lead a normal life like any other day.