Period Panties

It’s time to switch to period panties

Period panties are organic, non-synthetic and hygienic, a true companion for menstrual days. Sanitary pads contain chemicals, are synthetic and not organic. It’s difficult to carry them and even more difficult to dispose them. Let’s talk about alternatives. Tampons or menstrual cups can be options. But are you ready to insert an object into your vagina? In such a case, period panties are your saviours. They give you a routine feel as there is no extra product that you need to wear. They are comfortable to wear and have no disposal issues.

Talk of free bleeding, talk of period panties

Period panties are all about free bleeding. You can’t have more liberal period days than with them. There are various brands which manufacture period panties. Shappon is one such brand which has been dealing in the women’s hygiene apparel, undergarments and shape wear. If it is your first time trying period panties or if you are looking for a brand switch, Shappon has really good products.

To give you more details, listed below are a few problems period panties help you to get rid of:

  • Leakage and staining of clothes
  • Finding a place to dispose of them easily in public spaces
  • Pads slipping out of place
  • Tampons filling up too fast especially on days of heavy flow
  • Menstrual cups overflowing
  • An itchy crotch and rashes on the upper legs

These and many more problems do not occur with period panties. If you are still confused whether you should use them, we have already told you why you definitely should. Once you start using them, you will know that periods can be comfortable and relaxed too. No hassles of changing, running to the washroom repeatedly and feeling bad about creating so much of inorganic waste! Have an eco-friendly period!