Track pant for Girls

Track pant for girls are made for sports activities, and most girls generally wear them to workout, but that is not the only way they can be pulled off. Track pants are also of various types, such as fashion pants, wind pants, tearaway pants and muscle pants. All these different types have different purposes and girls style them in many different ways, not restricted to sports and workout only.

Styling different Track pant for Girls

Track-pant are primarily meant for sports. Thus, no matter how fashionable you wear them, they always ensure most comfort. Even if you do not like to experiment much with clothing styles, a good pair of sweatpants is a must-have for you because they continue to be the most convenient sportswear till date.

  • Fashion pants refer to the ‘fashion conscious’ variation of Track pant for girls. They are made of fancy materials like satin and velvet, available in a myriad of designs and colours.
  • Styling fashion pants depend on the type of material used, colour and design. Of all the variations, they are ideal for non-sport use.
  • Windpants are lighter than sweatpants. They protect the wearer from cold winds, rather than insulate. This makes them ideal for hiking and tracking.
  • Windpants generally have zippers on both ankle sides. It gives them a funky look.
  • Tearaway pants have snap fasteners on both sides that run the length of legs on both sides. They are also known as rip-off pants or break-away pants. Primarily designed for sports, they allow the wearer to rip the pants off to participate in sport. Sportspersons wear them over boxers or booty shorts.
  • Because of the slit in tearaway pants, they look quite chic and sexy on girls. Girls generally style them with minimalistic vests or exposing, well-fitted tops.

It can be hard to find track pants that are stylish enough to be sported casually and yet durable enough to be worn on the field. At Shappon, you can find the perfect combination of style and quality in the wide range of Track pant for girls they have.